How to teach your child to be patient

Patience is a virtue… that many children don’t have! So how can we support children to be patient?

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How to encourage your child to WANT to read

There are SO MANY benefits for a child who reads for pleasure. So how can we ensure children actually WANT to read?

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How to support bored children

Boredom can be frustrating for parents. But it can actually be really good for children’s development – and here’s why.

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Child development: Teaching morals and values

It seems like tough challenges are always lurking just around the corner. So how can we teach our kids to make considerate choices based on ethical decisions?

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How do I encourage my child to challenge racism?

Children are the future of this planet, and their choices will shape future society. So how do we make sure we raise children who can promote positive change?

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Am I a controlling parent?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could allow our child the freedom they deserve, without giving up our sense of boundaries? What if I told you that it IS possible?!

mother and child hugging
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Late talking: How to improve your child’s early vocabulary

It can be quite concerning when your child doesn’t talk as much as you would expect, or is slow to start talking. So how can you make sure you are doing everything you can to help your child learn how to talk?

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