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Most parents can relate to their child using YouTube more often during lockdown Here are my top child friendly channels, which may just teach them something too!

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It seems as though you can find everything on YouTube – from ‘how to’ videos, to cookery videos – YouTube seems to have it all. But there are also lots of videos on there which are not necessarily appropriate for young eyes, and in my experience the parental control features are less than reliable. But, you can’t be there every second of every day to check up on what your child is watching, so we can only hope that our advice and rules on their viewing choices help to keep them safe.

But it doesn’t hurt to introduce your children to some interesting (and educational) content, which is parent approved! Who knows, they may even choose it over their favourite gaming Youtuber (I know, unlikely).

Here is a small selection my current favourites:

1: Oversimplified. This funny channel explains historical events in really simple and child friendly ways! There are all kinds of events on there, from World War 2 to Henry VIII.

2: National Geographic kids. What kid doesn’t love videos about nature?! This channel has lots of videos explained in child friendly language, and features things such as weird animal facts, space travel and police dogs.

3: Draw with Rob. This great channel will help your children to learn how to draw a range of things, from unicorns to Sonic the Hedgehog.

4: Kids Learning Tube. This channel has lots of songs and videos covering a wide range of topics, from anxiety to how solar power works.

5: TED-Ed. Almost as interesting for adults as it is kids, this channel has many videos which are appealing to children. There are some up to date videos on the coronavirus, as well as scientific experiments and guest speakers.

None of these channels feel like learning, but are all interesting and informative, and will hopefully make your child want to watch them (with the bonus that they will learn something new). I hope they help!

Love, Heather x

P.S. – I am not connected to these channels in any way.



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